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Pepperoni Pizza


Cheese Pizza




Paisley Pig Sandwich Family


2 Topping & Specialty with Cheesesticks


Two 2-Topping Pizza with Cheesestick



DSC02536 1

Bavarian Pretzels

Beer cheese and jalapeno mustard
DSC02551 1

Seafood Fondue

Shrimp, Lobster, Krab, Peppadew peppers, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, grilled bread, naan
2 Pulled Pork Nachos 1620x1080 1

Pulled Pork Nacho

Hand pulled pork, house potato chips, scallions, peppadew peppers, jalapeño caps, bbq alfredo, ghost pepper cheese
4 Whitefish Spread 1620x1080 1

Whitefish Spread

Locally smoked whitefish, dill, peppadew peppers, crackers & bread

Wisconsin Cheese Curds

Lightly breaded spicy cheese curd. served with Chipotle ranch dressing
10 Michigans Best Winner Pub Fries 1620x1080 1

“Michigan’s Best Winner” Pub Fries

Chimichurri, truffle aioli
Paisley Pig Favorite
11 Crispy Brussel Sprouts 1620x1080 1

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Pomegranate balsamic vinegar, goat cheese, pomegranate seeds
unnamed 36 1440x1080

Chicken & Sausage Nachos

Italian sausage, grilled chicken, alfredo sauce, mozzarella cheese, wontons, banana peppers, tomatoes, red onion, kalamata olives, balsamic drizzle

Seafood Nachos

Wontons, alfredo, scallions, Peppadew peppers, krab, lobster, shredded cheese, thai chili drizzle
unnamed 34 1440x1080

Brisket Poutine

Smoked brisket, Carolina Mustard sauce, ghost pepper cheese, pickled onion, peppadew peppers, sidewinder fries

Smash Wings (Bone-In) 1lb

Plain or choose a sauce
boneless wings (1)
10pc $11.99 20pc $20.99

Boneless Chicken Wings

Plain or choose a sauce


1 soup of the Day 1620x1080 1

Soup Of The Day

Ask your server about today’s selection
2 Carmelized Chipotle Onion 1620x1080 1

Caramelized Chipotle Onion

Topped with spicy pork rinds
DSC02514 1
Half $10.99 Full $12.99

Greek Wedge

Iceberg wedge, feta, red onion, kalamata, cucumber, tomato, Greek dressing, tzatziki
4 Classic Caesar 1620x1080 1 1
Half $10.99 Full $12.99

Classic Caesar Salad

Chopped romaine, parmesan cheese, tomatoes, house made croutons, caesar dressing
5 Brussels Sprout Salad 1620x1080 1 1
Half $13.99 Full $19.99

Brussels Sprout Salad

Big O' Smoke House of Caledonia salmon jerky, Little Town bacon, kale, pickled onions, tomatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, feta, dijon vinaigrette
6 Pub Salad 1620x1080 1
Half $8.99 Full $11.99

Pub Salad

Romaine blend, bacon, tomatoes, cucumber, cheddar cheese, choice of dressing, croutons
DSC02484 1

Quinoa Power Bowl

Spinach & kale blend, quinoa, butternut squash, goat cheese, dried cherries, pecans, pickled onion, tahini lemon vinaigrette

Salad Add-Ons

grilled chicken 7.99 | 3 grilled shrimp 9.99 | crispy chicken 6.99 | 8 oz steak 12.99 | salmon jerky 12.99 | 3 breaded shrimp 10.99 | chilled lobster salad 12.99


  • dijon vinaigrette
  • caesar
  • ranch
  • french
  • thousand island
  • blue cheese
  • asian sesame
  • chipotle ranch
  • tahini lemon
  • greek
poke bowl (1)

Tuna Poke Bowl

Raw tuna, scallion, avocado, wakami, pickled cucumber, rice, ponzu, sesame seeds, wontons, sweet thai chili
seafood cobb

Seafood Stacked Cobb

Krab, lobster, Shrimp, bacon, tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, lemon wedge, arugula, avocado, dressing


1 Baby Back Ribs 1620x1080 1
Half $23.99 Full $33.99

Baby Back Ribs

Famous dry rubbed pork ribs, house made root beer bbq, southern corn succotash with bacon, seasoned fries
A Paisley Pig Favorite
2 Signature Steak 1620x1080 1

Signature American Wagyu

8 oz marinated signature cut, chimichurri, golden mashed potatoes, shaved brussels sprouts
A Paisley Pig Favorite
DSC02698 1

Feature Cut Of The Week

Ask your server for today's selection.
Market Price
Bison Meatloaf 1620x1080 1

Michigan Bison Meatloaf

Golden mashed potatoes, french green beans with roasted mushrooms
FF4A6851 1620x1080 1

Beet & Goat Cheese Ravioli

Brown butter, pistachios
FF4A6734 1620x1080 1

Shrimp & Grits

House seasoned jumbo white shrimp, Corrido Sausage Co. of Detroit chorizo, cheddar old fashioned grits, goldew pepper cream, harissa bbq
FF4A6968 1620x1080 1

Fish & Chips

Beer battered cod, seasoned fries, chipotle slaw, tartar sauce


maple glazed squash | cheddar old fashion grits | golden mashed potatoes | french green beans | southern corn succotash with bacon | seasoned fries | shaved brussels sprouts | onion rings | sweet potato fries | asparagus | coconut rice
FF4A1458 1 1620x1080 1

Fresh Atlantic Salmon

Teriyaki glaze, coconut rice, carrots, scallions, asparagus
FF4A1458 1 1620x1080 1

Shrimp Basket

Seasoned fries, chipotle coleslaw, fresh cocktail sauce

5 Chicken Tenders W/Fries

Plain or choose sauce: Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan, Rootbeer BBQ, Harissa BBQ, Sweet Red Chili, Sweet Teriyaki, Twisted Tang


Full sandwiches served with Great Lakes kettle chips & a pickle | gluten free bread +4.99

Additional Sides $4.99

seasoned fries | sweet potato fries | onion rings

Premium Sides $5.99

handcrafted soup | pub salad

FF4A1631 1620x1080 1

1/2 Sandwich Combos

sandwich & soup | sandwich & salad | soup & salad
Sandwiches: turkey | roast beef | ultimate reuben | grilled cheese
Salads: greek wedge | pub salad | classic caesar
FF4A1561 1620x1080 1


Turkey & Michigan bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, Michigan cherry aioli, grilled sprouted honey wheat
3 Ultimate Reuben 1620x1080 1

Ultimate Reuben

Corned beef & pastrami, beer kraut, ale mustard, thousand island, swiss cheese, grilled light rye
A Paisley Pig Favorite
4 Roast Beef 1620x1080 1

Roast Beef

Roast beef, caramelized onion, grilled peppers, mushrooms, provolone, au jus, grilled french bread
FF4A6538 1620x1080 1

The Paisley Pig

A Paisley Pig Favorite, pulled pork, root beer BBQ, chipotle slaw, toasted stout beer bun
FF4A6692 1620x1080 1

Grilled Cheese

Provolone cheese, cheddar, american, mozzarella, brie
FF4A6683 1620x1080 1

Smoked Brisket Burger

Bacon, cheddar, provolone, onion rings, chipotle bbq, lettuce, served with sweet potato fries

Brisket Cuban Style

Carolina sauce, brisket, provolone cheese, hot/sweet pickles, bbq drizzle, pickled onion
Bison Patty Melt

Bison Patty Melt

Caramelized onion, swiss, thousand island, sourdough

Lobster Roll

New England style, tarragon, lemon, mayo, celery, buttered toasted split top roll, fries or chips included
Chicken bacon Ranch Quesadilla

Chicken, Bacon, and Ranch Quesadilla

Chicken, bacon, ranch, tomato, banana pepper, queso cheese
Pork & Pineapple Quesadilla

Pork and Pineapple Quesadilla

Pork, pineapple salsa, queso cheese, pineapple, jalapeno, red onion, cilantro
Seafood Quesadilla

Seafood Quesadilla

Lobster, shrimp, krab, queso cheese, peppadews, scallions, coconut sauce, pineapple, jalapeno salsa, red onion, cilantro


Salmon, Beet and Pineapple, or Beyond Burger +$3.99

$13.99 Served with pickle & Great Lakes Kettle chips | Make it a double +$5.99

lets smash this (1)

Smash This

Gouda, caramelized onion, arugula, tomato bacon jam, mayo
smokehouse (1)

Smoke House

Pepper bacon, BBQ, onion ring, hot/sweet pickles, pepper jack cheese
classic bacon cheese


American cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, mayo, ketchup, mustard
mushroom and brie (1)


Brie, truffle mayo, sauteed mushrooms
classic bacon cheese (1)

Bacon Cheese Burger

American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, ketchup
unnamed 2022 04 25T135001.567


Guac, bacon, ranch, tomato, lettuce

Additional Sides

Seasoned fries | sweet potato fries | onion rings

Premium Sides

Hand crafted soup | pub salad


ketchup | chipotle ketchup | mayonnaise | Michigan cherry aioli | roasted garlic aioli | dijon mustard | hot sweet mustard | honey mustard | yellow mustard | root beer bbq | ale mustard

Premium Add-Ons

avocado | Michigan bacon| Michigan pepper bacon | truffle aioli | house made steak sauce | caramelized onions | olives | sautéed mushrooms | grilled peppers | roasted red peppers | smoked blue cheese | cheddar cheese | monterey cheese | pimento cheese | provolone cheese | ghost pepper cheese | swiss cheese | Michigan feta cheese | Michigan goat cheese


$14.99 Served with pickle and kettle chips

Sub season fries | onion rings | sweet potato fries +$4.99 | Gluten free bread +$4.99

buffalo chicken (1)

Original Buffalo, Twisted Tang, Or Buffalo Fire

Ranch, pickled celery, hot/sweet pickles, pepper jack cheese
baja (1)

Baja Chicken

guac, bacon, ranch, tomato, lettuce
smoke house new

Smoke House

Pepper bacon, bbq, onion ring, hot/sweet pickles, pepper jack cheese
classic chicken (1)


American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo
tuscan (1)


garlic parmesan sauce, lettuce, tomato, roasted artichoke, provolone


1 Dont Get Saucy with Me 1620x1080 1

Don’t Get Saucy With Me

Fresh mozzarella cheese, basil, tomato, walnut pesto, balsamic drizzle
FF4A6132 1620x1080 1

Italian Stallion

Sausage, red onion, wild mushrooms, house cheese blend, tomato sauce
FF4A6175 1620x1080 1

Alexander The Great

Grilled artichoke, kalamata olives, red onion, feta cheese, tomato sauce
FF4A6081 1620x1080 1

Burrata Or Notta

Prosciutto, burrata cheese, fresh basil, red pepper flakes, tomato sauce
FF4A6042 1620x1080 1

I Like Pig Butts & I Cannot Lie

Pulled pork, ghost pepper cheese sauce, peppadew peppers, scallions, bbq alfredo drizzle
A Paisley Pig Favorite

Risk It For The Brisket

Pickled onion, hot/sweet pickles, peppadew peppers, brisket, carolina sauce, bbq drizzle

Everyday I’m Trufflin’

Truffle mushroom cream, italian sausage, grilled chicken, roasted mushrooms, arugula, house cheese blend, red onion
boss pie

The “Boss” Seafood Pie

Bacon, tomatoes, alfredo, parmesan, thyme

The Cyclone

Breaded chicken, bacon, pineapple, twisted tang sauce, tomato, banana pepper, ranch, jalapeno
taco 002 (1)

Taco Twist

Refried beans, cheddar cheese, beef or chicken, shredded lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream drizzle

Krab Rangoon

Krab meat, cream cheese, scallions, pizza cheese, thai chili drizzle, wontons

The Godfather

Marinara, pepperoni, salami, sausage, pizza cheese, banana pepper, lettuce, tomato, giadiniera, v&o

Farmers Market

Marinara, tomato, onion, spinach, mushrooms, jalapeno, pizza cheese, balsamic drizzle


14” pizza includes choice of sauce & house pizza cheese | Base price of 15.99 | gluten free crust +7.99

1 Choose Your Sauce

tomato | pesto +3.99 | alfredo cream | truffle mushroom cream +3.99 | root beer bbq | goldew pepper cream | balsamic glaze | strawberry balsamic glaze

2 Choose Your Cheese

fresh mozzarella | pepper jack | blue cheese | cheddar | burrata | feta | goat cheese | ghost pepper cheese | house blend

3 Choose Your Meat

Pepperoni | sausage | chorizo | pulled pork Premium Meats: prosciutto 5.99 | grilled chicken breast 7.99 | Michigan bacon 5.99 | Michigan Pepper bacon 5.99 | shrimp 7.99 | roast beef 6.99

4 Choose Your Toppings

basil | mushrooms | sautéed onions | red onion | peppadew peppers | black beans | grilled artichokes | kalamata olives | grilled peppers | spinach | tomatoes | scallions | potato | jalapeño | pickles | avocado


For children 10 and under. Includes drink and cookie!


Kiddy Burger

French Fries Included

Kids Chicken Tenders

French fries included

Kids Grilled Cheese

French fries included

Kids Grilled Chicken

Corn and yukon gold mashed potatoes included

Michigan Hot Dog

French fries included
mac and cheese

Kids Mac & Cheese


Kids Salad

Cheddar, cucumber, bacon, tomatoes, and croutons

Kids Pizza

Choice of cheese, pepperoni, or italian sausage


Chocolate Chip

Dirt Pudding

Chocolate pudding, Oreos, gummy worms


Get any two desserts for $18
*excludes S’mores Dip

S’mores Dip

Creamy layers of milk chocolate, peanut butter, & roasted marshmallows, served with Nilla Waffers, graham crackers, & pretzels

White Chocolate Raspberry Brulee Cheesecake

Silky smooth white chocolate cheesecake swirled with red raspberries, topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Blueberry Cobbler Cheesecake

White chocolate cheesecake, layered with blueberry cobbler & white chocolate

Chocolate Toffee Torte

Golden toffee crunches with creamy rich Kahlua mousse

5 Layer Chocolate Cake

Five layers of dark, moist, chocolate cake sandwiched with silky smooth chocolate filling, finished with a dark chocolate ganache

Bourbon Pecan Pie

Toasted pecan halves in an intoxicating filling, laced with Kentucky bourbon

Flourless Chocolate Torte

Rich, dense, & smooth dark chocolate ganache flavored cake